Hello my name is Robin Douglas and I am starting this group after my son got bullied repeatedly after years. Recently it just got to be too much and drastic measures had to be taken. I realized I had to be the one to take these measures and thus started to work towards my objective to make school a safe place for my son to be.
 I am a mother and will do anything to protect my children as well as his friends.  I am here to provide solutions, resources, and to listen.
I am currently working with Safe Schools here in Lake County to adress this issue and try to add some beneficial policies that will help with reporting properly. I plan on adressing Legislative members  to add important changes to what is now in place. I look forward to any suggestions or comments. Thank you all for your support with this mission of improving our school safety
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Our Program Objective

Lake County Anti -Bullying Stars Clap Chapter has one objective, to 
intervene and prevent bullying  behavior.

What We Do

  1.  We strive to assist those living with the trauma of bullying situations find valuable resources they may not know are available.
  2. We provide educational resources and information regarding bullying behavior, legalities, and school reporting policies.
  3. We network and provide networking resources so action is taken sooner rather than later in our efforts to stop bullying behavior.
  4. We advocate for all those involved in the cycle of bullying behavior.
  5. We provide awareness to the issue of bullying in our schools and communities
  6. We listen
  7. We Care
  8. We provide a sounding board to vent regarding the issue and more importantly a place to develop community based solutions.
  1. Managing Director
  2. Managing Director
  3. Managing Director
Our Children are willing to stand strong! We should be willing to stand strong behind them and create schools that are safe!